An abstract board game has no theme and does not use cards or dice. In that way, the genre represents board games in its purest form.
Scryper is our humble take on this classic discipline.

The game


Put your strategic skills to the test with a game of simple yet challenging fun! The objective is to win three out of five sets. The catch? Each brick can only be used once, so you’ll need to outsmart your opponent and make smart decisions to come out on top. Do you go for a swift 3-set victory or play the long game in a nail-biting 5-set match?

Whether you’re looking for a fresh take on classic games like Chess and Backgammon or just want a more dynamic and engaging gaming experience, Scryper is the perfect choice!

Game Strategy

Scryper offers an unmatched level of strategic depth, constantly challenging players with tough decisions requiring active analysis and quick thinking.

The rules

The rules have been designed to be as simple as possible and, at the same time, allow you to pursue real strategic choices and tactical adjustments as the game progresses.

The main rule element is:

  • A game is won by winning 3 out of 5 sets
  • You have 16 bricks available in a game
  • Each brick can only be used once in a game
  • You win a set by getting a brick to your opponent’s back row
  • Bricks have values from 1 to 4

The story behind Scryper

Scryper was invented by Per Damgaard Husted. Per is a lifelong board game player that has grown tired of playing Chess and Backgammon. He had always believed that it should be possible to make a game that was less demanding than Chess but with more choices than Backgammon leaves you with.
A game with as simple rules and artifacts as possible so that it could have been invented and played 5000 years ago, just like the two benchmark games.
Click on the botton as see Per explain the story.


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